Noggin means I love you! No seriously it does. See when we first started to date, One of us could not say I love you. I know, stupid right? If you love someone say it. Instead to get past this fear of saying “I love you”, one would say “Noggin” and the other would reply back “Dude”. We took a quote from Finding Nemo and turned it into something romantic. Now we are way past that point and the fear of three little words has disappeared, but we wanted do something to remember those days and show how far we have come as a team. So two years ago, crammed in a tiny apartment we decided to start Noggin Comics on Instagram as a hobby. Took the saying of Noggin, which to us meant love and aimed it towards something that we both loved, that being comic books and pop culture. At first it was a sense of discovery and rediscovery, as one was discovering the utter enjoyment of comics, the other was rediscovering the emotional connection to comics. Little did we know, Noggin would become a part of our lives, almost daily we would be posting about something related to comics and nerd culture.

One of us would find themselves writing comic reviews for a local geek culture magazine. Which would ultimately create the idea of why not have a blog for Noggin. Now, we are here, hoping to create weekly to daily content on how we feel about a certain comic or film.

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